Quality Department Organization Chart

Quality Department Organization Chart - AICO

Customer complaint handling process

Customer complaint handling process - AICO 1

Quality control chart

Quality control chart - AICO 2

Product testing and validation

AICO has a perfect product verification testability; each team tests the products electrical performance, environmental performance, mechanical properties, signal integrality, the high-frequency performance, etc. based on industry specifications, standards, customer requirements. To ensure the quality of the products.


Product testing and validation - AICO

Typical test equipment

Constant temperature and humidity test chamber - AICO

Constant temperature and humidity test chamber

Dielectric strength tester - AICO

Dielectric strength tester

Environment Monitor - AICO

Environment Monitor

High frequency analyzer - AICO

High frequency analyzer

Color analyzer - AICO

Color analyzer

Horizontal-vertical burning test instrument - AICO

Horizontal-vertical burning test instrument

Hazardous material analyzer - AICO

Hazardous material analyzer

Insertion and extraction force test instrument - AICO

Insertion and extraction force test instrument

IR oven - AICO

IR oven

Salt spray test chamber - AICO

Salt spray test chamber

Tensile strength Monitor - AICO

Tensile strength Monitor

Thermal Shock Chamber - AICO

Thermal Shock Chamber