SFP Cage and Connector

  • AICO SFP interconnect system consists of a 20-position connector enclosed in a metal cage mounted to a host PCB. AICO’s single port SFP connectors are rated up to 5 Gbps. The connector accepts multiple transceivers per INF-80741i and combines, transmits, and receives functions in a low cost, compact, and flexible format. The cages have a two-piece construction with enhanced transceiver mating tabs available in a press-fit version or a solder tail version. Longer and shorter pins are available as custom options. Single row versions (1xN) consist of SMT connectors used with a separate single row cage (press-fit or solder tail). Stacked versions (2xN) consist of a 2-row cage with integrated 2-row connectors
  • More SFP cage and connectors will be recommended for evaluation according to your datasheet 
  • Free Samples

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