SFP+ Cage and Connector

  • AICO SFP+ 1xN connector, when combined with the SFP+ cage, provides data transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps. SFP+ 2xN combo provides data transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps per port. SFP+ 2xN combos consist of an integrated stacked connector system and a cage with compliant press-fit pins. The design of  the SFP+ connector minimizes impedance discontinuities and reflections at high data rates, and provides a 10 to 20 dB improvement in Near-End Crosstalk.
  • AICO’s unique SFP+ cage construction features EMI shielding available in the form of metal spring fingers or elastomeric gaskets. These cages also eliminate ventilation holes near the front of the cage to prevent potential catch points for the mating module EMI springs. Additional features available include lightpipes (which can be purchased with cages or separately), heat sinks, and other customer features.
  • More items will be recommended for evaluation according to your datasheet 
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