MINI SAS HD Connector, CFP2, CFP4, ZSFP+, ZQSFP+ Cage and Connector

  • The Mini-SAS High Density Interconnect is the next generation SAS system, with 4x, 8x, and 16x cable-plugging options to provide faster data transmission and more bandwidth for end users 
  • The CFP4 and CFP2 (surface mount receptacle connector) are considered as a candidate of future generation of multi hundred Gbps system. Both are 0.6mm pitch with the CFP2 having 104 positions and the CFP4 having 56 positions
  • ZQSFP+ Interconnect solutions are transmitted with the data transmission rate of 25 Gbps per serial channel, and have excellent signal integrity (SI), electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding function and heat dissipation
  • More items will be recommended for evaluation according to your datasheet 
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