Technology Development Capabilities


Product research and development teams - AICOAICO has more than 70 engineers in the research and development team. Our four product research and development teams are as below:

1. Ordinary netcom connector R&D team which is responsible for the research and development of RJ11 & RJ22 jack, RJ45 jack, etc. Series product.
2. Integrated netcom connector R&D team that is responsible for research and development of 10/100BT RJ45+ transformer, 10/100/1000BT RJ45+ transformer, 10 gigabit RJ45 with transformer , etc.
3. High-speed connector R&D team responsible for the research and development of the high speed I/O connector, high-speed storage type connector, all kinds of photoelectric interface Cage, and some power connector matching with high-speed connectors.
4. Optical interconnection products R&D team responsible for the research and development of  SC, LC, MOP ,etc. series of adapters, optical jumper, AOC products.

The Product Development Process


In order to ensure the product development time & quality, AICO established a perfect product development process, making the products to be under control from beginning of design to product verification completion and mass production, thus to meet the requirements of the customer product performance, reduce manufacturing cost while ensuring the quality of products, shortened product development cycle and laying the foundation of necessary process.

The product development process - AICO



All teams have their own research & development abilities and the CAD abilities of their responsible products. According to the company’s strategic plannings and fixed product roadmap, the teams develop new products continuously.              aico lens

explosive view of typical product - AICO



AICO owns the CAE engineering analysis ability of connector research and development, such as mold flow analysis, thermal analysis, signal integrality analysis, etc. This help to determine product performance, product manufacturability, etc. in the process of product development. Thus saving product research and development cost, shortening product R&D cycle and improve the reliability of the product design.

Mold flow analysis - AICO

Etc. Determine product performance - AICO

Thermal analysis - AICO

Signal integrality analysis - AICO