Project Description

1×1 shielded tab up 11p8c 100 BASE-T RJ45 connector with integrated magnetics, LED, JDFU10275101 (Free Sample)


AICO Internal Number : JDFU10275101

Modular Jacks & Plugs Interface Type : RJ45 connector with integrated magnetics

Port Configuration : Single Port

Port Matrix Configuration : 1*1

Modular Jacks & Plugs Products : RJ45 Type Jacks & Plugs

Data Rate : 100Mb/s

PCB Mounting : 90 degrees

Shielded  : with   Brass   

Shield Plating  Material : Nickel

Housing Material : LCP black UL94 V-0

Inserter Material : LCP black UL94 V-0

Contact Material : Cooper Alloy

Contact Plating Material : Selective Gold, 6 Micro inchs Min

Connector Height : 11.20 [0.441]

Connector Width  : 16.50 [0.650]

Pin not electrically connected maybe omitted see electrical drawing for omitted pins

Turn ratio @100KHz: (P2-P3):(J1-J2)=1:1+/-5%    (P4-P5):(J3-J6)=1:1+/-5%

Common to Common Mode Attenuation: 1-100 MHz  -30dB Min

Isolation: PHY Side to Line Side : 1500VAC or 2250VDC

Insertion force : 51Bs Max

Extraction force : 51Bs Max

Durability : 750 times

The circuits are only for reference, we could design different circuit for different mechanical structure according to customer requirement.


Product Drawing (PDF Download Available):

1×1 shielded tab up 100 BASE-T 11p8c RJ45 connector with integrated magnetics

Download Link :