Project Description

Right angle shielded 10P8C RJ45 ethernet port 1×6, E5900012 (Free Sample)


AICO Internal Number : E5900012

Modular Jack & Plug Interface Type : RJ45

Port Configuration : 6Ports

Port Matrix Configuration : 1×6 jack

Modular Jacks & Plugs Products : RJ45 Type Jacks & Plugs

Number of Positions : 10P

PCB Mounting : Right Angle / Horizontal

Shielded  : Yes    Brass  T=0.2mm Plated Nickel for all.

Housing & Insert Material : See Table UL94V-0

Contact Material : Phosphor Bronze  Φ0.46mm

Retention Strength : 50N for 60S

Connector Height (mm) : 13.75mm

Connector Width (mm) : 87mm

Voltage Rating : 150VAC RMS

Current Rating : 1.5AMP

Contact Resistance : 20 mΩ  MAX

Insulation Resistance : 1000 Megohms   Min @ 500VDC

Dielectric Strength : Contact to Contact: 1000 VDC  or  AC Peak

Contact to Screen and Test Panel:1500VDC  or AC Peak  @0.5mA  50Hz or 60Hz  / Minute


Product Drawing (PDF Download Available):

Right angle shielded 10P8C RJ45 ethernet port 1×6, E5900012

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