Project Description

Single port RJ45 8P8C SMT modular jack with shield, ESM130800 (Free Sample)

Technical Parameters:

Current Rating: 1.5  AMP.
Voltage Rating: 125 VAC RMS.
Insulation Resistance: 1000 Megohms Min. @ 500 VDC
Dielectric Strength : 1500 V DC or 1000 V AC RMS @ 0.5mA 50Hz / 60Hz 1 Minute
Contact Resistance: 20 Milliohms Max

Housing & Insert Material : LCP UL94V-0  Color Black
Contact Material : Phosphor Bronze T=0.35mm

Retention Strength: 80N for 60S
Shield : Brass T=0.25mm  Plated Nickel for All
Gold Plating: Gold Flash 3u inch, 6u inch, 15u inch, 30u inch, 50u inch

Working temperature
-40℃ to +85℃    Relative Humidity<80%
Mates with modular Plug conforming to FCC Part 68, Subpart F-40℃ to +85℃
PCB mouting: SMT

Product Drawing (PDF Download Available):

Single port RJ45 8P8C SMT modular jack with shield rj45 pcb socket, ESM130800

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