Project Description

Single CFP2 Cage with Heat Sink Assembly, ESF150901 (Free Sample)

PS: CFP2 cage is rated for 28 Gbps per channel with resonance dampening for improved signal integrity. CFP2 cage has a plug connector on the mating interface that improves accuracy and aids in achieving high speed performance.

Technical Parameters:

  • Current Mechanical Characteristics
    RSS Tolerance:
    Host Depth (mm):
    Host Height (mm):
    Ports in 365 (445) mm Faceplate:
    Max Insertion Force with Heat-sink:
    Max Insertion Force without Heat-sink:
    Max withdrawal Force with Heat-sink:
    Max withdrawal Force without Heat-sink:
  • Electrical Characteristics
    Operating Voltage: 3.3V
  • Materials
    Base Material: Copper Alloy
    Heat Sink: Aluminum Alloy
  • Options
    Dust Cover
    Heat Sink
    Connector Cover
    EMI Gasket

CFP2                         CFP4
0.19mm min                      0.19mm min
84.5                                    67
12.9                                   10
8(10)                                  16(19)
5.4N                                   4.0N
3.9N                                   2.5N

Product Drawing (PDF Download Available):

Single CFP2 Cage with Heat Sink Assembly, ESF150901

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